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Augmented, Virtual, and Extended Reality

Game Development

Internet of Things

General Tech


Augmented, Virtual, & Extended Reality

In TNTC’s devlog, learn how to combine Oculus hand tracking capabilities with the NextMind SDK to cast spells in VR. Then, practice selecting spells with your mind and casting them at targets!

AltVR used the NextMind SDK to incorporate BCI technology into his VR Memory Palace. Once you’re inside the room, you concentrate on neurotags to reveal clues to word associations to help you remember. In this video he shows you a room to remember the digits of pi and a room where you can guess his cryptowallet password for a chance to win Ravencoin (giveaway now closed).

Relity reviews the NextMind Dev Kit, explains how it works, and talks about how brain-computer interfaces are getting us closer to making immersive games such as Sword Art Online a reality.

ThrillSeeker reviews the NextMind tech in his series “Virtually Odd” where he covers the weirdest VR and AR technology from past and future. Watch the episode:

Virtual Reality Oasis keeps you up to date on the latest news in the VR industry. See his review of NextMind:

Tyriel Wood helps you discover the latest in VR technology. He tested our Brain-Computer Interface and tweeted, “This is probably the most impressive thing I’ve ever tried. And I’m not exaggerating.” Watch his full review below:

Dilmer Valecillos is an XR developer who shares his passion through tutorials. Check out his how-to series on integrating Brain-Computer Interface technology in your VR applications using the NextMind SDK.

GAMERTAG VR does reviews, livestreams, playthroughs, walkthroughs, and first impressions.

“A lot of companies have developed novel input solutions …but NextMind’s is the first I’ve tried that worked instantly and wonderfully, providing a truly amazing experience of a kind that’s hard to find in the current world of relatively mature computing paradigms.”

See his review below, or the full live demonstration here.

Cas and Chary VR are a couple who are passionate about Metaverse. See Cas’ reaction to the MindVaders VR app which she tests on the Oculus Quest 2:

According to The Mysticle “This is probably one of the coolest things I have ever tried. It is something that you’d think ‘This will only happen in the future.’ And now it is the future!” Check out the full review of our neurotech below:

Dinesh Punni specializes in AR and VR development and wants to share his knowledge of the industry. See his review of the NextMind Dev Kit below. He also talks more generally about Brain-Computer Interface in this video.

VoodooDE VR reviewed the NextMind Dev Kit in English (below) and German.

VRGamerDude reviews the latest VR applications and hardware.

“Over the past 6 years I have reviewed a lot of strange and interesting VR tech on this channel but I have to say the NextMind brain control interface is for sure one of the coolest things I have tried in a long time! I can totally see a future where this tech is built directly into VR headsets.”

The VR Realm reviews a beta version of the MindVaders VR game:

iBrews is an XR developer who shares some of his gaming creations on Youtube. Here he takes you through the NextMind demo apps and reacts to our neurotech. Spoiler alert: it includes cute father and son moments!

(in Spanish) VR ITALIA is a portal of reviews, news, live shows and much more, all dedicated to VR.

(in Spanish) Distrito XR talks everything XR on his channel. See his review below:

(in Japanese) Mirais wants to share his passion for VR with everyone in Japan and discover the newest and best VR accessories. See his review of the NextMind Dev Kit below:

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Game Development

Valem made a VR game level where you have to use a light saber and mind powers to destroy enemies while navigating a tricky path. See what he thought of our neurotech and learn how he made his game prototype in Unity:

Zyger is a game development student who shares her dev journey in weekly Youtube videos. She reviewed the NextMind Dev Kit and used our SDK to create a mind-enabled game where you have to flip cards over to match them.

Theishiopian used the NextMind SDK to build an FPS level where you must use your mind to cast magic spells. Use your mind to heal yourself, throw energy blasts, and levitate objects.

Stéphane is a cognitive scientist and software engineer. He used the NextMind SDK for his submission to Global GameJam 2021.

Jonas Tyroller is an indie game developer. His Youtube channel is a mixture of educational and entertaining game dev content. Here he tests the NextMind Dev Kit and creates a mini game where you fly a spaceship using mind powers.

Blackthornprod is composed of two brothers passionate about game development. They created a series of mini-games using the NextMind Unity SDK.

(in Spanish) Rhomita is a game developer who reviewed the NextMind Dev Kit and created an Oktoberfest themed game prototype in VR using our SDK.

(in Spanish) JasperDev is a very creative game developer who reviewed the NextMind Dev Kit and created his own mind-enabled mini game.

(in Thai) On Salaider Esport’s channel, watch a group of friends test the NextMind Dev Kit for the first time.

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Internet of Things (IoT) 

German Vargas talks about NextMind Dev Kit and how he used it to create a Lego car you can drive with your mind. He also shows a neuroprosthetics proof of concept here, which show how our Brain-Computer Interface could potentially be used for assistive applications for people with limited mobility.

The Innovation team at CIFP of San Jorge together with Biook have imagined a system that takes advantage of Brain-Computer Interfaces to control devices in a smart home.

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General Tech 

In this Retro Tech episode on hyperconnectivity, Marques Brownlee talks to our founder, Sid Kouider, and tests the NextMind device. In the future, we’ll be using Brain-Computer Interfaces to connect instantly to the internet and interact with other people and our devices.

Cody Rall, M.D., is a psychiatrist who specializes in neurotechnology wearables. He is dedicated to bringing you practical advice and technical discourse on brain research. See what he thought about our EEG hardware and Dev Kit below:

DESK OF LADYADA from Adafruit Industries reviews the NextMind Dev Kit:

Prans Lab is a tech enthusiast helping you discover the future of tech, healthcare, and gaming. He created an interactive review that you can play on your Gameboy or Gameboy emulator here. You can also watch him play the NextMind demo apps below:

(in German) CHIP tries out the NextMind neurotech for the first time and talk about its implication for the future of interactions.

(in French) Léo TechMaker talk about tech, gaming, and creates DIY projects. See his review of NextMind here:

(in Japanese) The Ω Sisters test the NextMind Dev Kit and have a blast controlling interfaces with their mind for the first time.

(in Chinese) HOHOMIKE tests the NextMind Dev Kit demo apps. Watch his review below:

(in Japanese) Aoyama Digital Culture love to test new piece of tech. They talk about their experience with the NextMind Dev Kit in this detailed review:

(in Norwegian) Hans-Petter Nygård-Hansen covers technology and digital media. As part of his series “Upgraded” he sits down with Eirik to test and review the NextMind device among other tech products.

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Peter Joosten from Superhuman Talks reviews the NextMind brain-computer interface and puts this technology in the context of biohacking. Check out his review below:

(in Spanish) Linkfy challenges himself to create a typing app intended for ALS patients in less than a day. He managed to build a working prototype in only 6 hours! You can download and try it out with your NextMind device here, or watch how we created his project:

(in French) Live video where Immersive Learning Lab tests the Dev Kit and discusses potential application for people who are disabled.

OmzLaw discusses the potential application of the NextMind Brain-Computer Interface for creative storytellers, and where this tech might go in the future.

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