Meet the NextMind Dev Kit

We take you through everything that comes in the Dev Kit and show you how to set it up.

What’s in the box

The Dev Kit includes a NextMind Sensor, headband, and USB-C charging cable. The Sensor can be clipped to the provided headband, or even onto a hat or VR headset. View full product specs and compatibility here.

A suite of software is available on our Developer page. You can download and experiment with them at any time.

The NextMind Manager is necessary to run any NextMind-enabled applications. Inside you’ll also be able to access First Steps where you’ll find our demos and a preview of SDK features.

The Unity-based SDK allows you to build your own applications. It’s updated throughout the year with improved algorithms for faster decoding, new languages, and expanded environment compatibilities.

Get started

It only takes a few minutes to set up your NextMind device the first time. Pair your device via Bluetooth. Wear the Sensor using the provided headband, or clip it onto the back of a hat. Then complete the calibration process to start experiencing Brain-Computer Interface.

For more detailed guidance during the set-up process, check out our documentation or troubleshooting guide.

Play the demos

Now that everything’s set up, it’s time to explore our demos! We designed a suite of 6 applications to show you different ways the NextMind BCI technology can be used.

Neuro TV: get a peek of tomorrow’s smart home and control your TV with your mind.

Brickbreaker: play the classic game using your visual focus to move the paddle.

Platformer: use your keyboard to navigate your character and clear obstacles with your brain powers to reach the finish line.

Pinpad: type with your mind to unlock your screen without lifting a finger.

Music Composer: launch music samples with our BCI to discover how brain waves can be used as a creative tool.

Showroom: present the NextMind Sensor in a mind-interactive way (not featured in this video).

Develop your own apps

After playing the demos, your NextMind journey has only just begun. You can now use our technology to build your own mind-enabled applications.

Preview examples of mind-enabled actions in the SDK Discovery, located at the end of the First Steps menu as well as the SDK.

Ready to start developing? We’ve put together documentation, tutorials, and an API reference to help you get started.

Our support team is happy to help if you have questions when using the SDK. You can reach us here.

How will you use your NextMind? Tell us what you’re planning in the comments!

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