Permanent position


NextMind is a fast-growing tech startup that has developed a first-of-its-kind, brain-sensing wearable delivering real-time device control using just a person’s thoughts. NextMind’s groundbreaking technology translates brain signals from the visual cortex into digital commands in real time, enabling easier interaction and control of computers, AR/VR headsets or any device.

You will be integrated into a team of young engineers and researchers. This highly innovative project will allow you to apply your skills in a cutting-edge research environment in the field of neuroscience. Autonomous, thorough and passionate about emerging technologies (XR, innovative HMI) and video games, you will be taking part in the development of NextMind’s Software Development Kit.



  • R&D
  • Build new applications and video games combined with wearable brain computer interfaces on various platforms (desktop, mobile, VR, AR)
  • Develop, support and optimize Unity 3D applications, based on NextMind technology



  • 5 years of experience on Unity 3D
  • Excellent knowledge of Unity 3D environment and C# programming language
  • Good knowledge of 3D graphical libraries (openGL, …)

Valued skills

  • Experience in virtual reality (HTC Vive and/or Oculus Rift)
  • Experience in procedural generation (shaders, WebGL, OpenGL, Processing, OpenFrameworks, …)
  • Knowledge of C++ programming language
  • Good level in mathematics and 3D rendering algorithms


Additional information

  • Type of contract: Full time – Permanent contract
  • Location: Paris (9th arrondissement)

To apply, send your resume to