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Setting up the Environment

The following steps will help you to set up the right environment, allowing you to build your first app to exploit NextMind technology.


  • NextMindSDK Unity package

Install Unity Editor

The easiest way to download Unity and manage your projects is to use the Unity Hub that you can get from Unity’s official downloads page, under “Download Unity Hub”.

We recommend using Unity 2019 LTS.

To install Unity with Unity Hub:

  • Go to Installs tab UH_main
  • Click on Add UH_installs
  • Choose Unity 2019 LTSUH_addVersion
  • Select the components you need regarding the platforms your application will target. For tutorials to function, the default values are fine. UH_modules

If for any reason you cannot use Unity Hub, you can download Unity directly from this page.

Once Unity installation is done, you are all set to create your first Unity project!

Open a project

Open the Unity Hub, and open an existing project of yours using the Projects tab.

To create a new project, go to the Projects tab, then click on New. Keep the default settings (3D), give a name and location to your projects, and click on Create.

XR Setup (optional)

The SDK is compatible with XR technologies. If you would like to set up an XR environment, we recommend following the steps described in the Unity XR Plugin Framework documentation.

XR Plugin Framework is a fast evolving part of Unity, so make sure you stay up to date using the Package Manager update feature.

This setup is pretty straightforward and there aren’t any NextMind-specific steps to be completed. However, here are a few points you still have to take into account:

  • The shaders used within the SDK are not yet ready for single-pass stereo rendering. This feature will be soon added to the SDK as we are currently working on it.
  • Using 2 cameras in the scene to target each eye has not been fully tested until now. We recommend only using one camera with Target eye set to Both.

Import the SDK

There are two ways to import the NextMind SDK’s unitypackage in your project:

  • Drag & drop NextMindSDK.unitypackage in the project view of Unity.
  • Or go to Assets / Import Package / Custom package..., then find NextMindSDK.unitypackage using the file picker.

A window called Import Unity Package should now pop up. Click on import and wait to the end of the process.


Once the import is done, you should see a new folder called NextMindSDK in the project window which contains a Core subfolder. This folder contains all the essential files to build an application using NextMind technology.

Your environment is now ready, and you can begin building your first application! Check out the next tutorial : First Steps.

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