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Current (latest) version of the NextMind Unity SDK is:


Release date : 30 June 2021


  • Bugfix : battery indicator showing the connected device’s battery level correctly
  • Bugfix : ContactsVisualization prefab layout corrected
  • Better handling of NeuroTag tracking/untracking
  • The Overlay Blending property is deprecated and will be removed. In future versions of the SDK, Overlay Blending will automatically be active.


  • New example scene : NeuroTag Gallery
  • Allow to declare multiple Tracking Cameras on NeuroManager
  • Scriptable Render Pipeline assets (prefabs, materials, and example scenes) are available. See SRP folders and example folder’s README file
  • Warning messages displayed on shaders editors when their configuration is not optimal
  • New error and warning messages (e.g. NextMindManager is not installed, bad bluetooth connection, …)


Release date : 05 May 2021


  • Calibration results are computed much faster
  • Various back-end optimizations
  • Fix some cases where “Unknown BCI error” was thrown
  • Unity 2018 is not supported anymore


  • New help video at the end of the calibration giving tips on how to get a better score


Release date : 09 April 2021


  • Bugfix : NeuroTag’s “Fix” button failed if the developer moved or renamed the NextMindSDK folder, or get it from UPM
  • Bugfix : Simulation mode on Collider2D with perspective Camera
  • Bugfix : shadergraphs triplanar projection was using world space normals instead of local space
  • Bugfix : shadergraphs “Constant size” property was creating deformation artefacts on stimulation texture
  • Use Gradient on ContactsVisualization instead of 2 colors
  • Remove “Screen Ratio” property from Nextmind’s shaders. This is now computed automatically


  • Contact Quality is now visible in the profiler, and accessible through script using Device.GetAverageContactQuality()


Release date : 23 March 2021


  • Bugfix : NeuroTags visibility calculation on World Space Canvases
  • Bugfix : OnReleased event is now triggered when destroying/disabling a NeuroTag


Release date : 12 March 2021


  • Introducing the Changelog !
  • First release of UPM packages
  • UWP platforms support (x86 & ARM64) : allowing Hololens 1 & 2 software compatibility


  • Shaders property OverlayColor has been removed for simplicity sake
  • Enhance bluetooth connection stability : adaptive data rate and collisions mitigation.
  • Improved NextMindManager/Installer GUI
  • Bugfix : overlay blending was not applied properly
  • Bugfix : NeuroManager events callbacks (OnDeviceAvailable/Unavailable & OnDeviceConnected/Disconnected) were not called by the right events
  • Bugfix : Simulated feedback was not reset when a target is reassigned
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