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Running demos

The NextMind First Steps app is the quickest way to experience direct brain command.

Step 1: Connect the Sensor

Launch the NextMind First Steps app.

A dialog box will prompt you to connect the NextMind Sensor.

Note: MacOSX users will have an extra step in the NextMind First Steps app in order to pair the Sensor within the app.

Step 2: Adjust the Sensor

Once connected, you will be guided in the Headset assembly. Then you will see a diagram of the NextMind Sensor electrodes to adjust them for a good quality signal. Try to make sure that most of the dots are green.

Step 3: Calibrate

Once the Sensor is properly connected, you will be asked to calibrate the device. Follow the on-screen instructions.

The calibration requires you to focus on an object for a period of time (around 30s).
Upon completion, the NextMind Engine will provide you with a score between 1 (weak) and 5 (excellent). If you score is too low, you may need to repeat the calibration step in order for the app to let you move on to the real-time experience.

Step 4: Control

The experience is about to begin. You can now select the desired app and enjoy!

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