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Quick Start

Install the NextMind Manager

Download the NextMind Manager from the developer page page and run the installer inside. The NextMind Manager allows to run NextMind enabled apps and also contains the First steps app.

Note: You need to run the NextMind Manager at least once before launching any NextMind enabled app. Note: It is a per-machine installation. The NextMind Manager must be set-up on every machine you use with the Dev Kit.

Connect the NextMind Sensor to your computer

The Sensor has a single button located on its side, next to a status LED.


Turn the Sensor ON by pressing the Power button. The LED indicator should shine a continuous white light.

Bluetooth pairing

The pairing process needs to be done within the NextMind First Steps app, described in the next section.

Pairing process

Step 1: Push the Sensor button for at least 4 seconds to start the pairing. The LED light should start blinking. Release the button.


Step 2: Your Sensor will now be visible to your computer as Nm followed by 4 random characters, for example Nm37e3. Launch the pairing request from your computer.

Step 3: When the LED starts blinking rapidly, push the button once to confirm pairing.


Windows users can now start the NextMind First Steps app.

Visit the sensor manual page for more information about the headset.

NextMind First Steps app

This app is installed by the NextMind Installer. Just click on the Setup & Calibration button on the main menu and follow the instructions. It will guide you to setup the Sensor on your head and run your first calibration. Remember to recalibrate every time you move the Sensor on your head.


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