Getting started

Our easy-to-use SDK makes it quick for you to get started. No matter what your level of knowledge is, you can start controlling digital objects and bring your creations to life.


Learn here how to setup your Dev Kit before launching your first session.

1 - Download
and install

2 - Initialize
the sensor


NextMind Manager​

The NextMind Manager allows you to run NextMind enabled apps
and contains the First Steps demo app.

 Make sure to check out the quick start guide.

NextMind Unity SDK

The Unity SDK enables you to create your own apps. It requires you to install the NextMind Manager to run properly.


Access all the necessary tools to develop your own mind-controlled applications.

Access the

How to wear
the headset


Access the
API reference


Get troubleshooting and answers to your problems


Contact support

We moved to GitHub !

Our documentation has moved to GitHub, follow this link to setup your DevKit and access all the ressources to get started.