What if you could play these games with your mind?

Brain-Computer Interfaces revolutionize gaming. These are the games we wish we could play with a BCI!

From incredible storylines to rewarding level design, we’re always looking for the newest game experiences. That’s why we think neural inputs are going to be the next revolution in gaming.

Neural Interfaces, or Brain-Computer Interfaces, are a new input allowing you to control a computer directly with your brain. It can replace or work alongside keyboards, game pads, gesture tracking, etc. This newly-available technology opens up exciting possibilities for game developers and players.

To help get your ideas flowing about what is possible with BCI in gaming, the NextMind team is sharing some of our favorite games we’d like to see with mind controls.

Stay immersed in the narrative

In Life is Strange, the main character is a teenager who has the ability to rewind time and change the course of history. The newest installment, Life is Strange: True Colors, follows a protagonist with another supernatural ability: absorb and manipulate the strong emotions of others.

In Life is Strange: True Colors, the protagonist can activate emotional auras into “novas.”

One of our favorite reasons to use neural inputs for gaming is a way to bring to life the storyline. Instead of having to press a button on your controller at key moments to time travel, imagine doing it with your mind: the longer you will it, the further back in time you could travel. And keeping the experience as hands free as possible will allow you to better focus on the narrative. Dialog options could also be potentially selected with a neural input to remain immersed in the game. Similarly in True Colors, you could activate emotional auras into novas where you can experience fragments of thoughts and memories of the character you connect with.

Work your body AND your mind 

The addictive BeatSaber game has kept us singing and sweating along since its launch. But what if you could work out your brain at the same time? It would be cool to integrate BCI technology by having blocks that must be exploded using mind powers. Throw in a few mines and double notes, and you’re in for a challenge.

And in case you were wondering, NextMind technology is already compatible with Oculus and HTC Vive VR headsets!

A classic, revisited 

In Nintendo’s epic game The Legend of Zelda™: Breath of the Wild, Link gains the Magnesis rune ability. This allows him to use magnetism to lift and manipulate metal objects to help him overcome obstacles, defeat enemies, or just enjoy using his magical abilities.

But wouldn’t it be more fun to lift objects with your mind? Either way, we’re hyped for the Breath of the Wild 2 release next year.


Who else wants to see a mind-enabled version of this cult classic?

Cast spells with your mind

Amazon’s MMORPG New World has been rolling out to beta testers since July, with a release date pushed to end of September 2021. In this world, players are colonizing a fictional land modeled after the Americas, with a little bit of magic mixed in!

To be even more immersed in the storyline, we would love to see a mind-augmented version of the ice gauntlet. For example, when casting an ice storm, enemies are slowed down and receive damage for a few seconds. But it would be even more fun if you could maintain the ice storm storm longer through mental willpower.

Unleash your power

One of our favorite RPGs is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. You can roam freely around Tamriel and even create your own mods for hours of fun.

Now imagine if dragonborn shouts could be activated using your mind? For a more immersive experience, you can shout in real life while you cast an Unrelenting Force or Whirlwind Speed shout. Or if you have a sweet tooth, pair your mind powers with the sweet roll staff.

The iconic dragonborn shout

Now that BCIs are making it possible to play games using your brain, you can be sure that mind-enabled gaming is coming soon to innovative game studios.

And if you want to bring your own mind-enabled games to life starting today, it’s easier than you might think! Download Unity for free and start building your own games in as little as 30 minutes thanks to their pre-fabs and in-app tutorials. Then, use the free NextMind SDK to add in mind interactions for a truly mind-blowing experience.

Did your games make it into the list? Tell us in the comments!

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