This DJ plays music with his mind

Introducing Brain Performance Mix: a collaboration between The Absolut Company Creation x Molécule x NextMind

Music has a very positive effect on the brain. It has been demonstrated through many studies to have benefits ranging from increased creativity to improving memory and reducing mental health issues.

But today we’re flipping things around. What if we used brain capabilities to enhance the music experience? 

That’s why we are happy to announce the Brain Performance Mix project in partnership with The Absolut Company Creation and DJ Molécule.  

Brain Performance Mix

Brain Performance Mix

This fall, DJ Molécule will play the world’s first live electronic performance powered by a Brain-Computer Interface. 

The project, entitled Brain Performance Mix, aims to create a new type of interactive musical experience. This new format will fully engage the senses, as visual focus, auditory pleasure, and neural activity are combined in new ways.  

NextMind is working closely with Molécule to develop a custom DJ set that will allow him to mix music with the power of his neural activity.  

“I always wanted to position myself at the intersection of technology and creativity.” 


Now that the collaboration has started, follow the adventure behind the scenes until the live event this fall. The web series, in French, can be viewed on our partner’s website and instagram.  

Episode 1, Episode 2 coming soon.

The partners

Molécule is an electronic artist pushing the limits of creativity. From venturing to the North Pole to braving the waves in Nazaré, Portugal, he is willing to go the extra mile to create new music experiences.

The Absolut Company Creation is a cultural sponsor in electronic music. They have supported projects such as Physis, an augmented scenography using Visual Art and Technology for creating new music spaces.

At NextMind, we believe that Brain-Computer Interfaces can be a tool for creativity. We support creative innovators across disciplines.

How would you use our BCI in an art project? Comment with your crazy ideas!  

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